Just like cafes, websites should offer a beautiful customer experience.

 At Yum Yum our bespoke websites and custom photography will help new customers easily discover your business on both mobile and web.


About Us


We want everyone to have a brilliant experience when using your website. Our custom websites and photography that match your brand and goals is the crux of what Yum Yum Digital brings to the table. We'll uncover your demographic and translate everything into a design that works.

To achieve this, every website we deliver is fully responsive, meaning it will work on all tablet and mobile devices. We exclusively use battle-tested, open source web technologies.



our process


By the end of the project you will have a beautiful website with custom photographs from your business, which will allow new customers to discover your business and allow current customers to easily refer you. We will provide Google location and analytics so that when people search for businesses in the area they will easily find your location. 

Projects typically cost $1.5k.


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